Unconventional Gas

Energy Redefined has been developing sophisticated models of energy markets for many years. Our models allow us to investigate complex issues and produce prices and productions forecasts. On 27th Feb 2013 our founder Gary Howorth presented a a workshop on unconventional gas in Europe (see http://www.energyinst.org/events/view/928 ) Comparing Europe with our experiences in the US as well as using some output from our models we present our views on the European gas shale industry going forward.

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Unconventional Gas in Europe. Where is it going ? Gary Howorth Founder Energy Redefined

Topics in workshop

-What is unconventional gas?

-The size of the resource

-The US Experience and does it apply here?

-US shale gas and Exports

-Unconventional gas - Myths and legends

-Our view on price and development impacts

-Its impact on the environment

-What might future technology do for its deployment

Environmental Concerns - A simulation based on different Assumptions

In the actual presenatation we showed a simulation of how emissions will change based on a number of assumptions. We recreate that model below. Left click on your mouse and move the sliders to change key assumptions. This is a live model.

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