About US

"We take great pride in being a small innovative & productive company that delivers great user experiences & valuable insights for issues that matter."

The Company:

Energy Redefined is a company based in Scotland UK, focusing on providing innovative solutions to companies navigating the ongoing changes in the energy and carbon markets . Our services range from Consulting to Software services. We are a small company providing innovative services to those companies operating in the Energy arena. We create real actionable guidelines and provide valuable alternative insights. Although we are small we have access to a network of specialists in risk management, smart metering, energy economics, Carbon trading and offsets, technology and operations. The company was founded in 2009 in Mclean VA, USA and moved to the UK in 2011.

Our Vision:

Energy Redefined strives to be the provider of choice in understanding short and long term changes to and within energy and enviornmental markets (carbon, water, other pollutants. prices markets). It is our goal to assess changes within these markets in tandem with wider macroeconomic conditions such as GDP volatility, labor market fluctuations, and policy responses. Ultimately, Energy-Redefined aims to provide our clients with a financial and strategic edge in a timely, accurate, and profitable manner.

Our Mission:

  • What does Energy-Redefined do?

We provide timely and accurate data, models, analysis, and software to better understand energy markets and the technology associated with them across a variety of industries. Using advanced statistical analysis, our clients are given a competitive edge understanding complex issues in their network of markets. Our services include network, behavioral-economic, and "self learning" models that allow us to capture the behavioral dynamics of real markets and understand company behavior at a deeper level than our competitors. These techniques are based on 10-15 years of research and prior implementations of various components of our models.

  • Who are Energy-Redefined's clients?

Major energy companies, investors, government, lobbyists, and NGOs.

  • What is the benefit?

To provide our clients with a better understanding of enetrgy/carbon markets and technologies. This translates into a financial or strategic edge.

Our Core Team

Gary Howorth Founder MBA Bsc (Hons) CEng MIET MEI

Gary Howorth is the Founder of Energy-Redefined. Gary has been using leading edge and innovative techniques to model market conditions, technologies and pricing in the energy industry for many years and will now be leading the effort in "Energy-Redefined" to create tools, algorithms and pricing models for various global energy markets, including carbon. Gary founded the company in 2009, bringing thirty plus years of experience in the quantification of strategic issues, investment appraisal and operations, with particular emphasis on power, oil & gas markets. He spent the last two years focussing on energy technologies and carbon issues.He has specialized for many years in the quantification and understanding of market issues & dynamics, notably in natural gas/LNG and electricity. His broad experience spans the globe and includes all aspects of the energy business from risk management to exploration to refining operations and new technology. He regularly works with the management of both large oil and gas companies, on various oil and gas topics ranging from mature assets, partnering, risk management and markets. Prior to joining Energy-Redefined, Gary held a number of technical, commercial and strategic roles at BP Exploration (1982 - 1992). This was followed by eight years with Arthur Andersen heading up a Consultancy practice within their Petroleum Services Group. This was followed by a period of three years at PA Consulting developing risk management frameworks for a variety of energy companies (Oil, Gas, Chemicals and Power). Finally he spent six years at PFC Energy where he headed the global gas group and the valuations and R&D group. Gary graduated from the University of Southampton in 1982 and the University of Strathclyde in 1990. He is a chartered electrical engineer (C. Eng MIET[1]), a member of the Institute of Energy and has an MBA.

[1] Formally the Institute of Electrical Engineers IEE

Gillian Sarah Ferguson Senior Business Analyst

Gillian joined the company in 2012. Prior to working for Energy Redefined, Gillian worked with various Worldwide Global Financial Institutions, covering a number of industries. Gillian's professional experience includes numerous million dollar projects and her expertise includes project management, international business development and economic risk analysis. Gillian graduated from the University of Glasgow with an Honours Degree in Accounting and Law. She has a keen interest in the analysis and modeling of renewable assets.

Ross D Anderson,Commercial Analyst LLB (Hons) Dip

Ross joined the company in early in 2012. Prior to working for Energy-Redefined, Ross worked in the Financial Services industry with Rainbow Financial Solutions offering debt advice. His research and professional interests are of legal nature specialising in commercial contracts and transactions. Bring youthful ambition and fine business acumen Ross is striving to apply his talents to the energy industry.

Ross is a former pupil of Sear Rogers International School Hong Kong and attended Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow. Ross graduated from the University of Stirling, with both a Bachelor of Laws and a Diploma in Legal Practice.

Ken Warner Senior Analyst

Ken joined the company in 2009. Prior to working for Energy-Redefined, Ken worked variously within consulting and academia. His research and professional interests include US energy security and policy making, international business development, and political and economic risk analysis and mitigation. Ken's professional experience ranges across various projects within the upstream oil and gas industry. He is also a regional expert in Nigeria's oil and gas industries.

Ken graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He holds graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and Georgetown University.

Fiona Howorth Executive Services Director

Fiona has 30+ years of experience in dealing with people and is a qualified health professional. She has spent many years helping charities, fund raisers and community projects and is now responsible for the day to day running of our office and its administration. She has been involved with Energy Redefined from its original outset in 2009.

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